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Whole-Home Renovations Vs. Piecemeal

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As you’ve looked around your home, you’ve envisioned the changes you would make — usually courtesy of HGTV or late-night Pinteresting. A new tiled walk-in shower, a modern kitchen remodel from top to bottom. . . Before you know it, the list of renovations has become lengthy and intense. When you have more than just one or two areas that you want to work on, the question is: get it all done at once, or one piece at a time?

Piecemeal Renovation

The answer isn’t a simple one — there are a number of factors to consider. Both options have their pros and cons. Doing one project at a time, or piecemeal, is usually more manageable financially. Not everyone can afford to do all their remodels at once, generally using one substantial loan that covers all of the projects. And not everyone feels comfortable having that large sum looming over them, or may have other financial commitments or responsibilities. 

Piecemeal is usually less intrusive to your home and routine. 

With hectic schedules, busy families often can’t vacate their homes for the renovation period. So only having one room at a time allows for better flexibility and caters to their needs while still completing a renovation.

Many people enjoy the ability to remodel one area at a time, to see how it fits into the rest of their home. Just like test driving a car, seeing the results of the project, actually living in it, might be totally different than what it looked like on paper. You might love a style so much you’ll be inspired to incorporate the design into other rooms.

However, taking it one area at a time can feel like a constant inconvenience or a never-ending process—like roadwork on 495. Also, if you’re financing the project, interest rates can frequently fluctuate, giving you a worse rate than you may have gotten on your last loan. In some cases, taking out too many loans can negatively impact your credit score. 

Whole-Home Renovation

Choosing a whole-home renovation could require vacating your home, but once you return, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to leave or do any future construction. Just remember, you’ll be investing more upfront, financially and emotionally. Some contractors offer discounts for doing an entire renovation at once, and ordering materials shipped/delivered in bulk can be cheaper. This is also applicable if you’re installing or changing plumbing or wiring. Something else to also keep in mind is accommodating for age and mobility. It might not be a topic that’s at the forefront of your brain, but if you intend to ‘age in place’ in your current home, there are modifications you can make now such as wider doorways, more accessible access closets, etc. (To learn more, check out our other blog on “aging in place“.) 

A whole-home renovation adds measurable value to the price of your home. So while it may hurt your wallet at the beginning, in the long run, you’ll be happy you put the money into it. In many cases, the additional resell value can offset the cost of a complete remodel.

What Makes Sense

Regardless of if you want to take it one project at a time or get it all done in one fell swoop, Ricky Can Build It has your back. With complete transparency, industry knowledge, and years of experience, we promise you that no matter what the job, Ricky Can Build It.