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Modern Love (Of Kitchens and Baths)

Modern Love (of Kitchens & Baths)
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Dated back to World War I, modern kitchens have been an evolving style. The definition of modern is more or less the opposite of traditional. The tricky thing about defining these terms is that the characteristics of the styles change with fads and trends over time, affecting what’s deemed to be modern. However, this flexibility also adds to the modern love of the style. 

Currently, the modern style features clean lines, geometric patterns, and a specific bold color scheme such as black or white with splashes of color used sparingly. Everything from your choice in lighting and furniture to using natural materials (such as wood, marble, quartz, etc.) and combining it with industrial elements are some of the traits that make up a modern kitchen.


Numerous qualities help classify a kitchen as modern — such as design choices in materials, cabinets, hardware, and overall shape of the kitchen. While traditional styles  focus on brick, wood, and even stones like marble and quartz, these have evolved into  a flat-panel and frameless cabinet style, and sleek and angular surfaces. Although a majority of the kitchen usually is white, an industrial silver, or even black, pops of color or natural elements will add character while still staying within the theme. Sometimes the style can come across as cold and sterile, but can easily be personalized with some accents and creative choices.

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Another critical component of the modern kitchen style is the lack of clutter or unnecessary items on the surfaces themselves, which means keeping things clean and minimal, especially on your countertops. Appliances and any other countertop decor are also important accents of the style. Most pick stainless steel or colored appliances that fit well into their color scheme. Builtins are an excellent way to keep your microwave and other appliances like ovens neatly tucked away and out of sight.  

Last in the process is usually choosing furniture and decor. Modern is known for its countertop space, so when selecting these items, less is more. The kind of furniture you want will depend on your style but also what creative choices you’ve already made for your kitchen. From bright red to black steel chairs, radiant green bowls or wooden utensil holders — there are numerous choices to make to fit your taste!


Designing your modern bathroom will have a dual purpose, like your kitchen. You’ll want it to be functional but also, in this case, serve as a place of relaxation and peace. Modern style has a lot to do with how you choose to occupy the space in these areas. And your decision on that will factor into what kind of shower or bath you’ll have, as well as vanities, storage, etc. 

The style does revolve around minimalism, but don’t correlate minimalism with dull. A lot of homes designed following the modern style can come across bland and cold to you, but it doesn’t mean that all spaces in that vein have to be. Just because you prefer modern elements doesn’t mean confining yourself to one scheme and one color. 

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Many of the things listed in the first part of this reading can also work for a bathroom area — geometric shapes, proper color scheme, use of natural and industrial elements, etc. An evolving style currently is using glass for your shower area, and stone (quartz, concrete, marble, etc.) for the vanity, the walls, really anything. 

It’s easy to accidentally make your space feel smaller depending on your color and material decisions, but if you feel underwhelmed by one or two colors, don’t forget how easy it is to add little accents of color. Towel choice, flowers, and even the taste in your facet style can be effortless ways to break up the monotony of a darker, or lighter, color scheme. 

When remodeling your home, picking a distinct style doesn’t mean that your new space isn’t unique. One of the best things about any style is the ability to add personal touches and draw from multiple areas of inspiration to make something that you love.