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A Style as Old as Time

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Traditional styles in homes pull their characteristics from features dating back to the Victorian era. Even though the periods feel dated out of context, traditional kitchens are timeless. A style that has yet to fade is distinguished by the details and materials used. If you’re on the fence on what style to pick when making the plunge into your renovation, here are a few characteristics of what makes up traditional kitchens and bathrooms.


There’s no mistaking a traditional kitchen. It’s classy and warm, with a focus on brick, wood, and even stones like marble and quartz. The cabinets and islands are carved and intricate, with details that almost resemble furniture. Although kitchens that are heavy with these embellishments and antique finishes may seem almost gaudy, when done well, it has the opposite effect. Traditional kitchens feel warm and cozy, a place that you want to spend time in with your family. 

You’ve made all these decisions to make up your dream kitchen; now, it’s time to set the mood. Choosing fixtures and appliances will be the subtle touches that will bring the look together. Ornate and decorative lighting, especially hanging lights that incorporate copper, bronze, and nickel, bring almost modern elements into a style completely adjacent. Meshing the two together is tricky; it’s easy to overdo and can wreck the flow of your kitchen or bathroom very quickly. 



Just like the kitchen, the bathroom will have a neutral color scheme. If you’re worried about the monotony of this, you can have fun with wallpaper or tile and choose your decor and (word for toilets, tubs, etc.) to accentuate it. Adding living room features also helps with keeping the space cozy and warm; bookcases, fireplaces, and other decors are unique and appropriate for the style. 

As far as the toilet, tub, and shower, many lean towards stone or porcelain due to its historical lineage. Free-standing and classic clawfoot tubs are popular in traditional style bathrooms, along with pedestal and basin sinks. 


Although those choices are very old-fashioned, many accompany those features with standing showers with glass enclosures. Although this would resemble the modern era, this goes back to a point made about kitchens. Incorporating items from adjacent time frames can bring the whole room together nicely, when not overdone. 

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