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Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Spaces Blog
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Summer is almost here, and along with it spending time in your backyard for activities and parties! While we encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines for their area, fully-vaccinated people have been OK-ed to be around other fully vaccinated people outdoors and without masks. If you haven’t tended to your outdoor area during a year of quarantine and social distancing, don’t panic! We have some tips and projects of all sizes to get your yard ready for its 2021 debut.

Garden and Plants

Propagating: The warmer weather signals the time for seasonal plants to come back around and for your indoor plants to take their place in the outdoor sun again! But after spending the winter inside, you’ve gotten used to their presence in your home. Easy answer? Propagate! Some plants grow better in water, while some in soil. If you’re looking to propagate one of your plants, do a quick check to see what you’ll need to do for it to thrive. Now you went from one Pothos in your home to two in your home and two on your deck!

Outdoor Living Furniture and Plants

Raised Garden Beds: A popular trend for those with a green thumb and some yard space is planter boxes. While you can buy planter boxes, they range in price drastically and might need to be assembled upon delivery anyway. So why not just build your own for a fraction of the cost? You can use wood plants, concrete blocks, or sticks/logs. Find a spot of your property that gets at least 5-6 hours of daily sunlight, and place your beds 2 or 3 feet apart for easy access. Once you’ve positioned your boards, secure them with rebar (in the case of using wooden boards) placed 1 foot from the corner and hammered a few inches into the ground. Do this for each side of the box. When all four sides are up and in the correct position, add two pieces of rebar 2 feet apart along each side. These serve as reinforcement for when you add soil. Make sure there are only 6-10 inches of the metal exposed above ground. Line the bottom of your frame with cardboard or newspaper, and wet the material with a hose or bucket. Fill your bed with a 50/50 mix of topsoil and compost until there are only a few inches left at the top. For safety reasons, make sure to file or hammer down rebar, so the stakes aren’t higher than the bed itself. Plant and enjoy!

Tiny garden: Don’t have a lot of space? No problem! You can still incorporate small planter boxes, various sizes of pots, and utilize trellises for plants or flowers to not only support weak stems but guide growth upwards. Add shelving or hanging plants if desired!

Garden with plants and outdoor table

Outdoor Deck and Porch Makeover

Being able to enjoy your outdoor area is a huge benefit for the warmer months! Here are some easy tips for updating your deck or porch.

Furniture: If you have a smaller area to work with, using multi-purpose furniture will be your best friend. When purchasing or thrifting outdoor furniture, make sure you’re buying weather-resistant materials. If the furniture is worn out, add some paint and new cushions! 

Deck lighting outdoor table set for dinner

Rugs: Rugs are a great way to add color or texture without a lot of work. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can add a stenciled design to your deck or concrete porch. 

Color/decor: While you don’t need a color scheme or coordinated decor, it’s fun to add a theme to our space! It can complement your home or serve as a tropical getaway or zen garden. Adding accents to your walls, or painting your walls, is an easy way to create a new space while expressing your inner self. 

Lighting & Fireplace/Heat: There are numerous ways to light or heat your outdoor area! Check out lanterns, string lights, fireplaces, and heaters as options for your outdoor living space. Pick whatever meets your needs, and your space, best.

While Ricky and his team can’t help you spruce up your outdoor furniture, they can build you the home of your dreams! If your backyard vision involves a new home, reach out to Ricky Can Build It to get started!

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