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Spring Outdoor Home Projects

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The warm weather is a welcome change for most of us! Puffy coats and warming up cars on cool mornings are replaced with an equally annoying aspect of seasonal weather—allergies. But don’t let the sniffles and itchy eyes hold you back! Pop some allergy medicine, eat some local honey, and let’s get to work on the stuff we’ve put off all winter!

As we kick off our seasonal depression sweatpants and begin to get our motivation back, there’s no time like the present to start preparing your home for the spring and summer. We actually had so many spring projects that we had to make two separate blogs! This blog will be the first of two on outdoor and indoor spring projects to do around your home. Let’s get started!

Outdoor Home Projects

Pressure Washing

Most people either own a pressure washer or are very familiar with the concept because they’ve watched dozens of super satisfying videos of people pressure washing areas on and around their homes (no judgment, we do it too!). But what are the benefits of pressure washing, other than the satisfaction of watching the dirt and grime disappear?

There are some jobs you can’t do easily with your own hands, like cleaning the exterior of your home, driveway, or outdoor areas. Pressure washers are great for large surfaces with potentially hazardous contamination like mold or allergens. It also comes in handy for the messes that withstand good ol’ fashion elbow grease. 

Still not sold on pressure washing? The National Association of Realtors reported that “pressure washing can contribute at a ‘50% return on investment, potentially adding $10,000 to $15,000” to the sale price. Even if you’re not selling your home soon, keeping your home in good condition goes a long way for when you do decide to sell your house in ten, twenty, or thirty years.

Inspect Your Home

Chances are, you didn’t walk around your home periodically during the winter months to check the roof, gutters, window calking, etc. And that’s okay! But now that the weather is consistently warmer and you can get a better look at potential issues in and around your home, it’s something that should be at the top of your list.

Air Conditioning & HVAC

Just as you readied your furnace for fall, now is the time to make sure that air conditioning units are in good working order for the warmer months ahead. Change the filter, check hose connections for leaks, and make sure the drain pans are draining freely. Annual inspections by a professional heating and cooling contractor will help you keep your HVAC running effectively and not adding unnecessary costs due to malfunctioning components.

Deck & Patio Furniture

Your deck furniture has been outside all year round and could use some TLC before you start having small cookouts or spending time on it. Cleaning outdoor furniture is another excellent use for a pressure washer, but if that’s not an option, a good wipe down will do the trick! If the cushions or pillows appear to be in decent condition, throw them in the wash, following the directions attached to the label instead. If the cushions are in bad shape, consider just replacing them. 

Not sure of the best way to get your patio furniture ready for spring? No problem! Check out this article for details on how to get both furniture and fabrics clean and ready to go.

Cosmetic Touches

Not all of the work or projects you do around your home are tedious or physically exhausting. The cosmetic projects are some of the most fun ways to spruce up your home’s appearance and enjoy the fresh air. Spring is the perfect time to repaint or touch up various areas of your home, like your doors and windows. Homeowners also like to take this time working outside to also add or update the address number near their front door or on their mailboxes. Doing all these cosmetic touch-ups, small or large, do contribute to the overall appearance and value of your home. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home anytime soon, maintaining the condition of the property is something you’ll thank yourself for later.

Landscaping & Flowers//Greenery

Many of us became crazy plant people during the pandemic, and while many of those plants can stay in your home, it doesn’t hurt to bring some of the heartier ones outside during the spring and summer. Or, you could buy more plants specifically to have outside. Make sure to look over the care instructions of the plants you purchase to ensure they will survive in your outdoor environment. 

If you have landscaping or flower/plant beds, it’s about time to freshen those up! Adding a few new mulch bags on top of what’s already there will make a massive difference without too much hassle. But make sure to pick any weeds or invasive vines out of the beds before putting in new plants or mulch!

Many of these tasks can be done quickly or within one day, while others will require more materials, time, and physical effort. Therefore, be realistic with your time, tools, and physical condition when taking on these projects. 

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