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The Differences Between Non-Load Bearing Walls & Load Bearing Walls

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In the remodeling and construction industry, there are two main types of walls: load bearing walls and non-load bearing walls. Understanding the difference between the two is critical because cutting into the wrong wall can result in serious structural damage or possibly a whole-house cave-in. This is why you should consult a professional home renovation contractor before taking the step of removing or cutting any wall in your property.

To properly remove a wall from your home without any errors or future complications and costs, hire the professional renovation service, Ricky Can Build It. Ricky Can Build It is a renovation contractor in Alexandria, VA committed to satisfying our clients with our experienced team of master craftsmen. Below, we explain everything you should know about the differences between load bearing and non-loadbearing walls before attempting to remove them from your home:

Non-Load Bearing

Non-load bearing walls are the walls inside your home that do not support any structural weight to your home. They do not bear any other weight of the property’s structure other than its own. Non-bearing walls are used primarily as room dividers and generally serve no other purpose. They can also be easily identified by looking at the joists and rafters in your attic or basement. If the joists run parallel to the wall, it is a non-load bearing wall. As long as the wall is not load bearing, you can take it down with little thought toward structural support.

Load Bearing Walls

Load bearing walls provide crucial structural support to your home. It is possible to bring down an entire home by removing or cutting into just one load bearing wall. To identify if it is a load bearing wall, take a look at your rafters. If they happen to run perpendicular to the wall, then it is a load bearing wall. If the wall is load bearing, you will need to account for the loss of structural support to your home, as you will need to carry the weight by other means, such as constructing a beam or buying a special laminated beam. Be sure you know the difference between the two in order to avoid jeopardizing your home’s structural stability.  

Choose an Affordable and Reliable Home Renovation Contractor in Alexandria, VA

Removing a wall is a great way for you to add more space or an open concept to your home. However, it is wise to consult a licensed contractor about your remodeling and renovation needs before making any costly decisions. Hiring a professional contractor will ensure the stability of your home while giving your peace of mind that the project will be done quickly, painlessly, and satisfactory.

Our expert renovation contractors care about our customers and strive to exceed your expectations. We will help you with your home renovation by calling our highly-experienced technicians at Ricky Can Build It. Trust our team to make your home renovation go smoothly.

Get started on your home renovation project today! Contact us at (571) 512-5240 to transform your home into your dream home.


What’s A Bump-Out Home Renovation?

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Adding space to your home can be an expensive and incredibly stressful project. Many of the options available require lots of time, money, and energy for you to see any sort of desirable result. However, there is one simple, cost-effective way that you can create an extension to your home: a bump-out renovation. Adding a full-scale addition to your home, which are hugely expensive, while a bump-out simply extends the amount of space in your home.

To properly perform a bump-out home renovation service without errors that could produce future complications and costs, hire a professional renovation service like Ricky Can Build It. We have completed numerous home renovations for our satisfied clients and residents of Alexandria, VA and many more all across Northern Virginia, all thanks to our experienced team of master craftsmen. Below, we explain everything you should know about a bump-out renovation for your home:

What Does It Entail?

A bump-out is more or less the addition of a single room to your house, rather than a full-on addition, which includes multiple rooms. This kind of renovation project is much smaller in scale and requires less work than the more expensive alternative. Bump-outs are attached to one side of your home, offering an expansion to a certain room, such as your living room, dining room, or even upstairs bathroom.

What You Can Expect from It

The extent to which you can add space through a bump-out renovation ranges from 2 to 15 feet from the original perimeter of your home. They do not require any extra HVAC services, nor do they involve any significant modifications to your home’s exterior, such as an extension to your home’s roof, as it will have its own separate roof that is either in a lean-to or flat design.  This understated aspect of a bump-out means that it won’t mismatch your home’s current design but will, in fact, complement it.

Possible Types of Bump-outs  

Full Room: Simply put, a full-room bump involves your contractor adding another room to your home, usually as a first-floor addition to extend your living room or as an anteroom before entering your patio, deck, or backyard.   

Less than a Room: These kinds of bump-outs are meant to be minor extensions to a room. As small as 2 feet long, these help add that extra bit of space you may need in order to add extra flair to your interiors or complete a huge indoor remodeling.

Cantilever: This is an upper story bump-out that is ‘cantilevered’, or unsupported by posts connected to the ground underneath it. Instead, the joists beneath the floor of your upper-story must be deepened and extended, to support the extra weight, followed by building the bump-out on top. To get a permit for a cantilevered bump-out beyond two feet is often difficult to obtain but is possible with the help of an experienced home renovation contractor.

Choose Affordable and Reliable Home Renovation Services in Alexandria, VA

A bump-out addition is a great way for you to add more space to your home without the hassle or the large cost of a full-scale addition. It is a versatile renovation option for you to create extra room that will help update your interior or add a whole new area for your family and guests to enjoy.

If you are a resident living in any area of Northern Virginia, you can find help with your bump-out or other large-scale Alexandria home renovation by calling our highly-experienced technicians at Ricky Can Build It. All of our trades are provided in-house, allowing us to tailor our services to each customer’s, giving us the ability to maintain low costs, high quality, and reliable craftsmanship. Contact us today at (571) 512-5240 to start discussing your ideal renovation project.  


Which Bathroom Tile is Right for You?

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New tile in your bathroom can be quite the transformational experience. Tile is not only aesthetically pleasing but it’s also extremely easy to clean and very effective in containing moisture. There are also several different types of tile available that have their own characteristics, which may include price, water-resistance, and durability.

The professionals at Ricky Can Build It are certified experts in handyman services and specialize in bathroom renovation services in Northern VA. In our experience, we’ve observed many of the ups and downs that are associated with different types of tile. We know how overwhelming choosing bathroom tile can be, so here are some different options to consider as you decide.

1. Ceramic

If price is your primary concern, then ceramic tile is a great option. Ceramic tile is not recommended for floors but is light and durable enough to be a solid wall tile. With fantastic water-resistant qualities, ceramic tile is a great option for the walls inside your shower or out.

2. Porcelain

Looking for a dynamic tile that you can use both on your floors and your walls? Look no further, porcelain tiles are stronger than ceramic and just as water-resistant. Porcelain is one of the most popular tile options because of its versatility. However, it can sometimes be more difficult to cut and place on walls than ceramic because of its weight. Keep in mind, porcelain and ceramic tiles are both very easy to maintain and keep clean.

3. Stone

When you add stone tile to your bathroom, you’re not only adding a beautiful feature to your floors or walls, but you’re also adding tremendous value to your property. As natural stone is more expensive than both ceramic and porcelain tiles, it definitely acts the part. Stone is the heaviest and requires the most maintenance. Although stone is unmistakably appealing, It does require a good deal of work in order to maintain its durability and water resistance.

Professional Bathroom Renovation Services in Northern VA

Regardless of which type of tile you prefer, the experts at Ricky Can Build It can mix and match your favorites to craft your dream bathroom. Our expert bathroom renovation specialists care about our customers and strive to exceed your expectations. Trust our team to make your entire family feel at home with a personalized bathroom that suits your exact needs.

Get started on your bathroom renovation project today! Contact us at (571) 512-5240 to transform your bathroom into your sanctuary.


Get A Head Start On Spring Cleaning with A Custom Cabinet Installation

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The coming of spring often produces a need to change and refresh ourselves, which is likely why cleaning our homes is so common around this time. Before you do begin cleaning, consider whether you have enough storage space around your home. Not only does a good spring cleaning include clearing out the messes that were made over the lengthy, cold season, but it also involves organizing where all that clutter should go.

For an extra boost of storage, have professional home renovation services in Burke, VA install a set of custom cabinets in your home. Ricky Can Build It is an experienced and highly-qualified renovation company in Fairfax. We employ professionals that are talented in a variety of services including home additions, floor plan remodeling, and cabinet installation. As we’ve completed a number of custom cabinet installations, here are a few of the reasons why a new set of custom cabinets can help with your spring cleaning:

Updated Home Appearance

Professionally built custom cabinets have the ability to enhance a room’s appearance as there are a variety of wood grains, colors, sizes, and styles for you to choose from. With custom cabinets, you can even select the type of hardware you would prefer such as knobs and handles so it will be a perfect fit into the room of your choosing. Whether you are installing custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, you will be able to personalize it to the smallest of details to get the most out of your installation experience.  

Increase Storage Capacity

Most existing homes come with sets of stock cabinets already installed. Instead of trying to fit your things into the limited amount of storage you currently have, flip the script and get custom cabinets that increase your home’s storage. Ricky Can Build It utilizes every inch of your home to give you the maximum amount of storage space you need to overall improve your lifestyle and live your best life.

Get (More) Organized

As we all try to organize our homes as effectively as possible, there are always going to be limitations. The stock shelves that we get with our homes provide a general amount of space and are known to not last as long. However, a set of custom cabinets can include fitted spaces for anything, from a small rack for your spices, or a large, tall cupboard to store your kitchen and home appliances. Part of being organized is having a place for everything to go, and with custom cabinets, you can choose the cabinet sizes you need to ensure everything in your home has its designated place.

Ricky Can Build It: The Most Reliable Burke Home Renovation Company

Transform your home with a set of custom-made cabinets. At Ricky Can Build It, we have helped numerous customers with a variety of home renovation projects, catering our methods and materials to our clients’ every preference and need. We are among the best home renovation services in Northern Virginia, with a long track record of customer satisfaction. Contact us at (571) 512-5240 and discuss installing your set of custom cabinets today.  

Six Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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Do you have cracks and other damage throughout your house? Or maybe just an outdated kitchen that needs some attention? No matter how big or small, renovating will improve your house to create a more comfortable living space. Taking on a home renovation is a big project, but with the right resources, your home can be as good as new before you know it. Ricky Can Build It, a trusted Fairfax County home renovation company, can help you turn your home into the house of your dreams.

Before you discuss your renovation projects with a professional contractor, it’s important to do some research on your end as well. Here are six of the most common home renovation mistakes you should try avoiding:

1. Setting Your Budget Too Low

Creating a budget is one of the first steps to take toward your home renovation. After deciding the improvements you want to make to your home. Setting your budget too low will leave little to no wiggle room especially in a situation where extra unexpected costs are added, such as any renovation errors or changes that took place. To prevent this, add about 20 to 30 percent more to what the total estimated renovation would cost to your budget so you can make adjustments more easily to any future changes.

2. Not Going By a Timeline

Depending on how large your renovation is, will determine its duration. The last thing you want is to feel rushed or overwhelmed with all the little details. Making a checklist with your contractor to communicate deadlines will allow everything to run more smoothly so the renovation can be completed efficiently.

3. Mismeasuring

You’ll need to have the correct measurements before you install anything such as cabinets or other amenities during the renovation. Working with an experienced home renovation company like Ricky Can Build It will ensure exact measurements so you won’t run into any preventable mistakes far into the project.

4. Having High Expectations

Your home may have plumbing, electrical, or other issues you were not aware of. You might find something your home actually needs behind a wall you want knocked down. Both you and your contractor may be faced with unexpected events such as these, so always be prepared for any situation by keeping a positive, open mind and anticipate roadblocks.

5. Going Light on the Research

All of your decisions for a renovation project should be based on in-depth research and references. Getting input on experienced contractors, quality materials, proper techniques, tools, and other information from outside resources will help guide you in the right direction so fewer unexpected mistakes will occur.

6. Making too Many Changes

Before you jump into your home renovation, be sure you know exactly what you want by having a list with as many sample ideas as you can. Making too many changes throughout the renovation process will cause stress while possibly adding unnecessary time and expenses to your project.

Ricky Can Build It: The Best Home Renovation Services in Fairfax County

Renovating your home should be a smooth and stress-free process. With the right knowledge and experience from a professional home renovation company like Ricky Can Build It, your dream home can be made possible! Contact us today at (571) 512-5240 to request an estimate and discuss your Fairfax County home renovation!


Northern VA Commercial Renovation Checklist

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Managing an entire commercial renovation on your own can be a challenging task as the design and renovation process is an extensive one. It is important that you consider working together with a commercial renovation company in Northern VA to help you through each step of the way.

At Ricky Can Build It, our team of commercial remodeling contractors have the experience you can trust to provide quality craftsmanship and a space that helps you stand out amongst the rest! Here is a commercial renovation checklist we have created to help you decide whether working together with a professional is your best bet.

Research Several Commercial Renovation Options

With any renovation, it’s important to do your research! When looking into commercial renovation contracting companies, keep in mind why you are renovating in the first place, cost, previous work they have done, and whether communication skills are strong.

Schedule A Consultation

Once you have scheduled your consultation with several of your preferred renovation companies, be completely honest about all that you would like done and what the main goal is for your commercial space. This way they will provide the best suggestions as to what layouts, materials, features will be best to implement into your new space and provide you with an estimate.

Set A Budget

Set a realistic budget and stick to it as a complete renovation may be one of the major investments you spend toward your business. Most often, you can obtain free quotes from your renovation contractors and compare to see which one suits your needs best. Keep in mind how transparent some renovation contractors are as this will show you if there are any hidden fees that come with their services.

Design Development

With your selected renovation company, you can begin planning the design and development of your business. Prioritize functionality over style as this will allow your space to be easily accessible to you and your customers.

Retrieve The Required Permits

When you work with a professional renovation company, they will review the building plans, determine the code provisions, and will also be responsible for attaining the right permits. After these have been completed, the construction phase of your business can begin!

Ricky Can Build It: Professional Commercial Renovation Services in Vienna, VA

Ricky Can Build It has the experience to help transform any commercial space into one that is inviting and draws the attention of potential customers. Our team has provided the best commercial renovation services to businesses all throughout the Fairfax County area. We pay close attention to craftsmanship to ensure your space attracts the right audience and leaves a lasting impression! Call us today at (571) 512-5240 to speak with a commercial renovation specialist!

Five Modern Bathroom Remodeling Tips For This Winter

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Being stuck in your house all winter can make you want to redesign every inch of your home. Upgrading your bathroom to give it a more modern look will bring a sense of simplicity and relaxation to the entire space. While remodeling a bathroom on your own can be a daunting task, working together with trusted home renovation specialists will make the remodeling process a breeze.

Ricky Can Build It offers quality custom bathroom remodeling services to residents throughout Fairfax County VA. Our team will work together with your imagination to help you create the modern bathroom you’ve always wanted. We closely oversee all of our projects with our in-house home re-modelers to ensure each and every detail is right. Remodeling a bathroom can be a challenge for any homeowner and here are five tips below for you to keep in mind for your next remodel.

1. Stick to Your Budget

One of the most important things to consider when remodeling a modern bathroom is cost. When designing a bathroom, keep in mind your bathroom size, materials, and how much of your budget you are willing to invest in your remodel. Even though completing some of the labor yourself can keep costs low, letting an experienced home remodeling professional handle your custom bathroom renovation will keep you from going over your budget and ensures a quality installation.

2. Customize Your Bathroom to Your Needs

The main goal of remodeling any space to make it more modern is by increasing its functions and overall appearance to suit your family’s lifestyle needs. Modern bathrooms can be attained through changing its many fixtures and replacing them with energy-efficient ones. Upgrading your toilet or bathtub with one that saves your more financially and supports a sustainable environment is another option to complete the look of a modernized bathroom.

3. Make the Tub or Shower the Centerpiece

When you walk into a bathroom, the first thing you see is a toilet or bathtub. If either of these are outdated and old, it can be very off-putting. Consider making the shower or tub the centerpiece of the bathroom to brighten up the space.

4. Incorporate an Efficient Lighting Scheme

It is important that your new space is well lit and the lights match the style of the entire bathroom. Having a combination of task, accent, and decorative lighting can ensure that your space has enough lighting throughout the day. Selecting energy-efficient lighting in your bathroom is as easy as replacing regular bulbs with LED ones. Other options may include timers for your lights, adding dimmers, or having your lights operate through a motion sensor.

5. Open Up Floor Space

Switching out large fixtures with smaller ones will maximize your bathroom space. Replacing features such as your old sink with a pedestal sink or your bathroom for a standing shower will help increase space especially in smaller bathrooms. Adding other aspects like cabinets to enhance storage space can turn your bathroom into a space that’s fully-functional and energy efficient.

Contact the Best Renovation Contractors in Fairfax County, VA Today!

While remodeling a bathroom can be difficult considering the various factors involved, working with professional bathroom remodeling services in Northern Virginia can make it simple! Ricky Can Build It offers top-notch custom bathroom services in Burke, Virginia that can help you transform any living space into the home you’ve always wanted. Our highly-trained team will help you through the entire renovation process to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Get started immediately and contact us at (571) 512-5240 to start remodeling your bathroom today!