The Differences Between Non-Load Bearing Walls & Load Bearing Walls

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In the remodeling and construction industry, there are two main types of walls: load bearing walls and non-load bearing walls. Understanding the difference between the two is critical because cutting into the wrong wall can result in serious structural damage or possibly a whole-house cave-in. This is why you should consult a professional home renovation contractor before taking the step of removing or cutting any wall in your property.

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Non-Load Bearing

Non-load bearing walls are the walls inside your home that do not support any structural weight to your home. They do not bear any other weight of the property’s structure other than its own. Non-bearing walls are used primarily as room dividers and generally serve no other purpose. They can also be easily identified by looking at the joists and rafters in your attic or basement. If the joists run parallel to the wall, it is a non-load bearing wall. As long as the wall is not load bearing, you can take it down with little thought toward structural support.

Load Bearing Walls

Load bearing walls provide crucial structural support to your home. It is possible to bring down an entire home by removing or cutting into just one load bearing wall. To identify if it is a load bearing wall, take a look at your rafters. If they happen to run perpendicular to the wall, then it is a load bearing wall. If the wall is load bearing, you will need to account for the loss of structural support to your home, as you will need to carry the weight by other means, such as constructing a beam or buying a special laminated beam. Be sure you know the difference between the two in order to avoid jeopardizing your home’s structural stability.  

Choose an Affordable and Reliable Home Renovation Contractor in Alexandria, VA

Removing a wall is a great way for you to add more space or an open concept to your home. However, it is wise to consult a licensed contractor about your remodeling and renovation needs before making any costly decisions. Hiring a professional contractor will ensure the stability of your home while giving your peace of mind that the project will be done quickly, painlessly, and satisfactory.

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