Six Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

By January 16, 2019Uncategorized

Do you have cracks and other damage throughout your house? Or maybe just an outdated kitchen that needs some attention? No matter how big or small, renovating will improve your house to create a more comfortable living space. Taking on a home renovation is a big project, but with the right resources, your home can be as good as new before you know it. Ricky Can Build It, a trusted Fairfax County home renovation company, can help you turn your home into the house of your dreams.

Before you discuss your renovation projects with a professional contractor, it’s important to do some research on your end as well. Here are six of the most common home renovation mistakes you should try avoiding:

1. Setting Your Budget Too Low

Creating a budget is one of the first steps to take toward your home renovation. After deciding the improvements you want to make to your home. Setting your budget too low will leave little to no wiggle room especially in a situation where extra unexpected costs are added, such as any renovation errors or changes that took place. To prevent this, add about 20 to 30 percent more to what the total estimated renovation would cost to your budget so you can make adjustments more easily to any future changes.

2. Not Going By a Timeline

Depending on how large your renovation is, will determine its duration. The last thing you want is to feel rushed or overwhelmed with all the little details. Making a checklist with your contractor to communicate deadlines will allow everything to run more smoothly so the renovation can be completed efficiently.

3. Mismeasuring

You’ll need to have the correct measurements before you install anything such as cabinets or other amenities during the renovation. Working with an experienced home renovation company like Ricky Can Build It will ensure exact measurements so you won’t run into any preventable mistakes far into the project.

4. Having High Expectations

Your home may have plumbing, electrical, or other issues you were not aware of. You might find something your home actually needs behind a wall you want knocked down. Both you and your contractor may be faced with unexpected events such as these, so always be prepared for any situation by keeping a positive, open mind and anticipate roadblocks.

5. Going Light on the Research

All of your decisions for a renovation project should be based on in-depth research and references. Getting input on experienced contractors, quality materials, proper techniques, tools, and other information from outside resources will help guide you in the right direction so fewer unexpected mistakes will occur.

6. Making too Many Changes

Before you jump into your home renovation, be sure you know exactly what you want by having a list with as many sample ideas as you can. Making too many changes throughout the renovation process will cause stress while possibly adding unnecessary time and expenses to your project.

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Renovating your home should be a smooth and stress-free process. With the right knowledge and experience from a professional home renovation company like Ricky Can Build It, your dream home can be made possible! Contact us today at (571) 512-5240 to request an estimate and discuss your Fairfax County home renovation!