Invest in Your Home: 4 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value by Christmas

By October 8, 2017Blog

Invest in Your Home: 4 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value by Christmas

Home renovations and remodeling should be on the mind of every homeowner who plans to, one day, sell their home. If you own a home, you can never be done improving the look and feel of your property, as there are always more investments you can make into your home’s value.

However, what if you know that you need to sell your home in the next six months? Even if you don’t have the time to complete a whole home remodeling project before you list your home for sale, there are a number of smaller projects that can have a big short-term impact. Here are a few excellent home remodeling projects that can be completed by the end of the year to raise your property’s value.

Work on your kitchen

Even a minor kitchen remodeling job can yield a return on investment of roughly 82.7%. And if you focus on features that are especially popular right now — think accent walls, hidden cabinets, open layouts, kitchen islands, and breakfast nooks — then you can make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. If you add on to or remodel your kitchen, you’ll increase your home’s value.

Modernize your bathrooms

Like kitchen remodeling jobs, bathroom projects are extremely common. They’re also great at returning a higher ROI; typical bathroom additions offer an average 86.4% ROI. Don’t just leave your home’s bathrooms alone because you think they are “good enough for us.” Because bathrooms see such heavy wear and tear, they can quickly come to appear worn out and dated. Even small changes such as adding contemporary fixtures, new cabinets, adopting more modern color schemes, and adding natural light can make a huge difference.

Improve your front door

Home remodeling jobs don’t have to be these elaborate and expensive projects that bring in extremely high ROIs. Although those projects are great and should be done if feasible, any small project can work wonders as well. Simply embellishing your home’s entrance can give the entire property a newer feel. This enhanced curb appeal will look amazing to you and any future buyers.

Consider lifting your fireplace

Having a fireplace is great for eventually putting your home on the market, but having an improved and lifted fireplace is much better. Like bathrooms, fireplace designs very quickly become dated. Giving that fireplace a modern paint job and a lift, however, is a great way to spice up any living room and increase any home’s resale value. This simple feature can go a long way towards making your home stand out on the housing market.

Whether you’re making minor home additions or want to focus on major remodeling jobs, ROI should be on your mind. That’s why it’s so important to speak with top rated general contractors in Northern VA beforehand to ensure you’re getting the best work possible.


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