Floor Additions

As families grow, many homeowners in Northern Virginia must decide whether to move or expand their current home. When done right, a home addition can significantly increase a home’s value. It also makes it possible for you to create the home you’ve always dreamed of, without the hassle of moving all of your belongings.

Adding an extra room to your home is a major construction project that involves the creation and integration of a whole new building structure. Building up instead of out makes it possible to expand your living space without increasing your home’s footprint.

Floor Additions in Northern Virginia

The addition of a story can add significant value to your home. When beginning a project, it’s a good idea to have a general idea of the resale value of your chosen addition. Important additions such as extra bedrooms and bathrooms have far more value over other types.

There are a number of factors that should be considered when preparing your budget. Typically, the size of the addition will determine how much it will cost. Other factors that contribute to the cost of home addition include excavation, demolition, structural supports, roofing, finishing, insulation, doors, windows, molding, electrical wiring, flooring as well as HVAC ducts and vents.

Adding a story to your home might require a stronger foundation. It also requires the addition of a staircase, which can take up as much as 120 square feet of living space. Before considering this option, it’s important to check local rules to ensure there are no limits on the height of your home.

Northern Virginia Professional Home Addition

It’s important that a professional designer handles the design of your home addition. This will prevent it from looking unnatural. Our experienced design team can help you ensure that the design of your new floor fits well with the style of your home.

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