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Why A Pop Top Remodel Will Benefit Your Home

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Have you noticed the square footage of your home shrinking and it feels more cramped? If either of these is the case, then it may be time to consider remodeling your home. When you are unable to expand your home outward, try expanding your home upward with a pop top! A pop top will increase your home space by adding an additional level to your home. It is great for folks who may not have enough square footage to move outward. Whether you are considering upgrading your home’s look or would like something new, then a new pop top remodel in Northern Virginia for your home is a great investment!


Ricky Can Build It a home remodeling company in Northern Virginia and will help you achieve the home of your dreams. With a decade of experience, Ricky Can Build It is dedicated to providing quality home remodeling services tailored to your needs. To help you decide if a pop top addition is best for you, we have provided a few of the benefits you can receive from it.

Increases Your Home Value

Investing your money into remodeling your home with a pop top renovation will help increase its value as well as its square footage. A pop top remodel is a great solution to enhancing your home’s appearance while maintaining your yard space. This way, if you are ever planning on selling your home, a pop top renovation will definitely draw in the attention of potential buyers.

More Indoor Living Space

If you didn’t have enough space to host guests for the holidays before, then a pop top remodel will solve that for you! Remodeling your home with a pop top will give you, your family, and guests more room to enjoy your home. It’s even great for families that are growing since it will be more spacious and will help everyone feel right at home.

Save More Money

With the option of installing a pop top, there’s no need to look for a new home for your growing family. Avoid the hassle of moving into a new place by improving your current home with an additional floor. Integrating a pop top in your home is generally much cheaper than buying a new home. Most pop top home renovations in Fairfax County, VA take about six months, which is a much shorter time period than relocating to a larger home. You will save yourself time, stress, and money by remodeling your home with an additional level!

Ricky Can Build It: Professional Pop Top Remodeling Services in Northern Virginia

While starting a pop top remodel in your home may seem daunting, working with a professional home renovation company in Northern Virginia to make it simple! Ricky Can Build It takes pride in helping residents in the Fairfax County, VA area transform their homes into the perfect fit for their growing families. Our highly-trained employees provide all trades in-house, which makes the process of remodeling a pop top into your home much easier, efficient, and cost-effective. Call us today at (571) 512-5240 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about pop top remodeling.