5 Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel More Spacious

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Bumping elbows in a cramped room can be a nuisance to homeowners.  Without the proper amount of space, your home can feel cluttered and claustrophobic.  This is especially the case in kitchens and bathrooms, where organization and storage is so crucial. If you are not an expert in home renovation or interior design, handling this problem may not be very obvious.

Fortunately, there are professionals out there that know exactly how to transform these crammed rooms into spacious areas. Ricky Can Build It has the team of experienced renovators in Fairfax, Virginia that will work with you every step of the way to make your dream bathroom or kitchen into a tangible reality.

To get the ball rolling, read below for 5 simple ways we can help make your kitchen or bathroom look and feel more spacious.

  1. Shelves or Cabinets

Installing additional cabinets and shelves in your home can create the storage space you need to reduce clutter and leave more open space.  If you want to take a step further, you can maximize your storage space and add depth by recessing your shelves or cabinets into the walls.  This small home renovation can make a big difference for residents of Fairfax, Virginia.

  1. Matching Floor Color with Wall Color

This “hack” is an optical illusion and works like a charm. By matching the color of your wall and floor, you make the room feel taller. Renovate your bathroom by matching the tile to the walls and watch a small powder room instantly feel larger. For tile installation in Northern Virginia, Ricky Can Build It offers an array of tile colors you can choose from.

  1. “Slenderize” Furniture and Appliances

To gain more room to roam about your bathroom or kitchen, swapping your large, bulky furniture for more slender options can help.  For example, try opting for an oblong toilet instead of a traditionally round one, or replacing your large kitchen island with a more narrow, lightweight, tall version.

  1. Play with Glass and Mirrors

Rather than the traditional solid wooden cabinetry, try swapping your cabinet doors for glass doors instead. The transparency gives depth to the room, and with everything on display, you feel more inclined to keep the storage organized.  In the bathroom, ceiling-to-counter mirrors help create the look of a longer, taller room. Additionally, incorporating windows wherever possible is always a great way to open up a room.

Ricky Can Build It: Your Go-To Home Renovation Company in Fairfax

When looking to make the most out of the space you have, it’s in your best interest to let professionals take the work off your hands.  For your home renovation in Fairfax, Virginia, Ricky Can Build It has the talented staff that can transform any room in your home to enhance, beauty, space, and functionality.

Why wait? To achieve the home design you’ve always wanted, give us a call today at (571) 512-5240, or fill out a contact form!

3 Kinds of Windows and Sinks to Install for a Modern Kitchen in McLean

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It’s always an exciting time when planning a brand-new home maintenance project, such as updating your kitchen for a more modern look. Windows and sinks are two commonly overlooked yet significant parts of your kitchen. If you’re going for a modern design, how do you choose the best windows and sinks?

Ricky Can Build it offers modern kitchen renovation in McLean. We have years of experience in helping our clients make selections for their renovation projects to ensure both great design and durable functionality. Below, we list 3 common types of windows and sinks that work great in modern kitchens:


  1. Arched: If you are looking for a type of window that marries elegance with modern appearance, arched windows are perfect for you. These windows often serve as the focal point for the entire kitchen by drawing everyone into the beautifully crafted half circular design.
  2. Window Walls: Kitchens positioned near a gorgeous outdoor view may make use of covering an entire wall with windows. Window walls, of course, allow a picturesque view of the outdoors, perfect for looking out over as you eat. The natural light that pours in to the kitchen through these windows can also help the room appear bigger than it really is.
  3. Garden Windows: Do you love growing your own vegetables, herbs, or spices? Garden windows let you grow and maintain a small garden right at your fingertips. In no time, you’ll have fresh vegetation to use in your meals without having to brave the elements outside.


  1. Drop-In Sinks: One of the easiest sinks to install, the drop-in style has a deep bowl installed on top of the counter top. Install a stainless steel drop-in sink to add a sleek look to your modern kitchen.
  2. Farmhouse front sinks: This unique sink design has the ability to either be used for a modern or vintage kitchen. These sinks are often made from porcelain or copper, to combine both functionality and appearance. These can provide a quaint charm to an otherwise modern kitchen to create a stunning contrast.
  3. Prep Sinks: Prep sinks often serve as a second sink in the kitchen and are designed specifically to wash vegetables, chill beverages, or otherwise prepare foods for cooking meals. More and more modern homes with large families make use of these sinks.

No matter which windows or sinks are best for your kitchen, trust a professional kitchen renovation contractor in Northern Virginia to make your vision a reality.

Want a Modern Kitchen? Call Us!

Ricky Can Build It’s kitchen renovation services in McLean are here to help you create any style of kitchen you desire. We can help you make the best window and sink selections to create your modern kitchen design. We are dedicated to helping you build the home of your dreams. We know the important role your kitchen plays in your life. That’s why we bring a customized approach and superior customer service to every project we complete.

Call 571-512-5240 or fill out a contact form today and get started in making your dream kitchen a reality!

What to Consider While Choosing a Bathroom Tile

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Home remodeling can be an exciting process if it is done right. When it comes to bathroom renovations in Northern VA, there are several factors to consider in choosing the perfect bathroom tile that not only meets your needs but also complements your home. At Ricky Can Built It, we gathered a short guide to help you choose the right selection of your dreams.


Here are the main tips when searching for the perfect bathroom tile:


Bathroom Tile Options

Selecting the perfect bathroom tile all begins with understanding the multiple types of tiles offered. Doing some research ahead of time is a great way to approach your tile selection process with confidence and knowledge. The following three are typically the most popular bathroom tiles for homes:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are the least expensive option of the three, but a great water-resistant choice in combatting damp and moist environments. Their affordability and durability make them a great budget-friendly option for many homeowners.
  • Stone: While stone tiles are highly pleasing with their vintage look, these tiles do require a bit more maintenance in sealing to make it waterproof.
  • Porcelain: This bathroom tile is commonly used not only because of its rich quality but due to its strong waterproof resistance and tough surface.


Select Your Top 3 Choices

There are typically three spaces within the bathroom that are in need of tiles: the area surrounding the tub and shower, the shower walls, and the rest of the flooring It is highly recommended to select no more than 3 tiles that all accommodate one another accordingly.


Proper Measurement

As you finish selecting your top 3, it finally comes down to the accurate measuring around each area needed. We strongly recommend you measure and re-measure every area you need to replace the tile. Doing this will help in determining how much exactly you will be investing in bathroom tiles.


Why Ricky Can Built It?

Ricky Can Build It offers expert bathroom remodeling services. We can guide you through the entire remodeling process, from helping you choose your tile all the way through providing excellent installation.  Our team is qualified in home remodeling and are experts in updating your bathroom to accommodate your aesthetic and functional needs. Trust us to handle the labor work for you and relieve some stress off your shoulders by assisting you throughout the process. Our experienced renovation experts will install your bathroom tiles with perfect symmetry to ensure a seamless and beautiful appearance.

When it comes to our bathroom renovations in Northern VA, we offer a 1-year labor warranty and make sure that the manufacturers we partner with also have the best warranties for their products.


Bathroom Renovation in Northern VA

At Ricky Can Built It, we guarantee that you are in good hands. As a Northern VA home renovation company, we put every ounce of energy into our bathroom remodeling projects and promise to give you the best possible renovation.

Trust us and our highly trained home renovators to take on the responsibility and bring your newly updated bathroom tile to life. We can say with confidence that with our years of experience, we will deliver the most outstanding results for your home.

Call 571-512-5240 or contact us online for more information on bathroom renovations today!

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Common Kitchen Sink Materials & Designs

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Kitchen sinks come in an array of shapes, materials, and sizes. Kitchen renovation in Northern VA can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many options for remodeling. For homeowners who would like to remodel their kitchen, one of the first steps they should take is deciding the kind of kitchen sink they’d like. Below are some common kitchen sinks to choose from:


Kitchen Sink Materials

  • Cast Iron: Cast iron sinks have been very popular for quite some time. This material is one of the oldest materials used to build kitchen sinks. This material is very tough and is more stain- and scratch-resistant than some other sink materials, as it is finished with porcelain enamel. However, although the porcelain enamel finish is more resistant to wear and tear, it is also more likely to fade, show water spots, and get dirty.
  • Granite Composite: These sinks are made by combining a resin filler with granite or quartz. This kind of sink doesn’t have the same issues with maintenance as other granite items might. However, it does boast some of the same aesthetic qualities that many like in granite items. Some homeowners say granite composite sinks are arguably the most durable kind of sinks.
  • Fireclay: Fireclay sinks are a mixture of molded clay and porcelain enamel. These sinks usually come in the “farmhouse” style. They are more prone to chipping and wear and tear than other sinks. They are also veer towards the expensive side. Therefore, this type of sink may not be the best choice for some Northern VA kitchen renovation However, they do create a timeless and elegant look that some homeowners love for their kitchen.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel sinks are one of the most popular kinds of sinks for kitchen renovation in Northern VA. Many people choose these sinks for their durability. Furthermore, many find this type of sink to be very cost-effective. Stainless steel is more resistant to heat and some stains than other materials but can be less resistant to scratches and water spot.

Kitchen Sink Designs

  • Farmhouse Sinks: Farmhouse sinks have a rustic, timeless look. These sinks are characterized by the forward-facing part of the sink that replaces part of the countertop. Although a popular choice for more quaint, timeless kitchens, these sinks can be made to appeal to modern kitchens as well. These sinks can be more expensive to install, however.
  • Single Bowl Sinks: Aptly named, this sink style has one basin. It is ideal for homeowners looking to conserve space in their kitchen during their Northern VA kitchen renovation project.
  • Double Bowl Sinks: This sink style is most common in modern kitchens. It has two basins, making it ideal for flexibility and convenience.
  • Undermount: This kind of sink is mounted underneath the countertop. It provides convenience for cleaning, as residue can quickly build up in the sink. However, undermount sinks can be more expensive to install than top mount sinks.
  • Top Mount Sinks: These sinks are less expensive than undermount sinks and arguably easier to install. They are popular with DIY projects. However, they can get often get dirtier than undermount sinks.


Start Your Northern VA Kitchen Renovation Today!

Ricky Can Build It is a Northern VA home renovation company well-versed in kitchen remodeling. The professionals at Ricky Can Build It are the Northern VA kitchen renovation experts. We offer an array of kitchen remodeling services and do not use subcontractor services, so you can be sure you receive the highest quality work. We 100% guarantee all of our work and offer a 1-year labor warranty.

Begin building your dream kitchen today. Use our contact form or call us at (571) 512-5240 today!

What Shower Door Should My Bathroom Have?

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Your bathroom is not simply a place where you bathe and groom yourself, it’s an important room in your house where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. A variety of upgrades can do a lot to transform your bathroom from a simple functional space into your own personal oasis. Installing a glass shower door for your shower and/or tub, for example, is a very simple change that gives a boost to both your bathroom’s beauty and functionality.

If you are considering installing a shower door for your bathroom, you need to choose a design that complements your bathroom’s style and appearance, while being able to stand up to daily use. When it comes to creating the perfect luxury shower, you have two things to consider: the door style/design and type of glass:


Door Types:

Shower doors are available in a variety of styles that determine their functionality and match your bathroom’s unique style.

  • Bypass Doors: Bypass doors (also known as sliding doors) are made up of two or three panes of glass that slide past each other to open. Because of the way they open, these doors take up the least amount of space, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms. These doors can be used for a shower/tub combo, but they are most often installed on stand-alone showers.
  • Neo-Angle: This shower door type features a unique shape, usually featuring three angles and panes of glass. This shape makes them a popular choice for smaller, stand-alone showers, often in an alcove or corner of the bathroom.
  • Pivot: Like their name implies, pivot shower doors open outward from one side. Similar to neo-angle, pivot doors are ideal for small corner or alcove stand-alone showers that are not large enough to support bypass doors.
  • Round doors: Round shower doors feature curved glass that opens inward. The shape of the glass provides more bathing space, making this door a great option to maximize the space of a smaller shower.


Glass Types:

Customizing your shower enclosure doesn’t stop at choosing your door style. You can choose from a variety of glass styles to give your shower—and your bathroom—a gorgeous design.

  • Clear glass: Tried and true, completely clear glass works well to brighten up your bathroom and show off the tile in your shower.
  • Frosted glass: Frosted glass is semi-opaque glass that provides a little privacy while still being a very attractive choice for your shower.
  • Rain glass: This type of glass features a texture on one side that is designed to look like rain. This design gives your shower an elegant, inviting appearance and provides some privacy too.
  • Bubble glass: This fun, charming glass style has bubbles etched into the glass. This creates a unique texture and appearance for your bathroom.


Upgrade Your Bathroom With Ricky Can Build It!

Installing a shower door is a great way to give your bathroom a face lift. Ricky Can Build it, a custom bathroom renovation company in Northern Virginia, can help you design a beautiful shower door enclosure for your bathroom. Our renovation experts listen to your goals at every step of the bathroom remodel process to ensure you end up with the shower door of your dreams.

Are you looking to update your bathroom? Contact Ricky Can Build It online, or give us a call at (571) 512-5240.

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Start the Year Off With The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

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2018 is here! Many of us have gotten swept up in the allure of a clean slate that the new year brings and begun home improvement or renovation projects. We are finally sprucing up the areas of our homes that need some attention and improving their functionality and appearance. One of the most sought-after rooms for a renovation is the kitchen.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to finally love your kitchen? Ricky Can Build It can make it happen! Our Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling experts will help you transform your kitchen, whether you want a complete kitchen remodel or a few simple upgrades. Below are kitchen renovation projects you should consider for 2018:

  • Complete layout change: The design or layout of your kitchen is an invaluable part of your kitchen’s functionality. Further, your kitchen’s layout contributes to its aesthetics. For both a functional and beautiful kitchen, you need to choose the perfect layout. If your layout no longer works well for your needs, it may be time for a change. Our kitchen renovation experts can help you choose your perfect kitchen design. Read our blog for more about kitchen layouts.
  • Upgraded appliances: Your kitchen’s appliances play a crucial role in helping you prepare delicious meals. If one or more of your appliances is older, it may be prone to breaking or may make lower-quality foods that could put your family’s health at risk. Ricky Can Build It can help you find any appliance you may need, including ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, and more.
  • New countertops and cabinets: Your kitchen relies on countertops and cabinets for cooking space, storage, and aesthetics. Your countertops and cabinets should be able to serve your functional needs as well as beautifully compliment your kitchen’s design. We offer a wide variety of countertop and cabinet materials, so you make the best choice that will truly transform your kitchen.
  • Energy-efficient lighting: A more functional part of your kitchen, your lighting is incredibly important for creating a kitchen you love. Your lights should be bright enough for cooking, but should also maintain energy efficiency to keep utility costs down. Our kitchen renovation experts can ensure that your kitchen uses great-looking, energy-efficient lighting.
  • Kitchen tile: Tile plays an important role in kitchens. Tile is most often used in flooring but is also used in kitchen backsplashes or even walls for a unique accent. The tile you have underfoot should be tough enough to stand up to daily use, while still looking great. Your backsplash needs to protect the wall underneath and ensure that messes stay on the counter. No matter where you use tile in your kitchen, trust Ricky Can Build It to help you choose the best type for your needs.


Kitchen Renovation in Northern Virginia

Ricky Can Build It offers kitchen renovation in Northern Virginia. We are dedicated to helping our clients transform spaces into cherished rooms. We can help you fulfill your New Year’s resolution to finally renovate your kitchen.

Begin your kitchen renovation project now so you can spend most of the year with a kitchen you love. Contact Ricky Can Build It today!

Clever and Unique Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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With everything you use your bathroom for every day—such as grooming, bathing, and self-care—you may not picture it as a space that should be both beautiful and functional. Of course, it is most important for your bathroom to be able to stand up to your daily needs. Furthermore, it should also look great to ensure you enjoy spending a lot of time in the space.

If your bathroom is not quite as aesthetically pleasing as you would like, consider Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling. Below are our unique bathroom remodeling tips:


Use Built-In Storage

During your bathroom remodeling project, install built-in storage such as a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to maximize storage space. If you have a countertop sink, make sure the counter has cabinets for under-the-sink storage. This will give you a space to store toiletries and cleaning supplies and keep your countertops clean. Keeping your bathroom clean is a simple way to ensure you still love your bathroom for a long time to come. When you install your shower and shower tile, include shelves to hold shampoo and other bathing necessities. You can also include a small bench in your shower that can serve as both storage and seating.


Paint an Accent Wall

One very simple way to improve your bathroom’s appearance is to paint one or two walls a different shade for an accent. But what color do you choose for your wall? Certain shades of paint can create different effects. Cool colors such as blue and light green help make a space look bigger. Warm colors like red and orange make a room feel smaller and more intimate. A unique texture or pattern wall can also serve as a vibrant accent in your bathroom. During your next bathroom remodeling project, try painting one wall with a different color to make it stand out and create a one-of-a-kind look. You can also create an accent in your shower by giving one shower wall bright and colorful tile.


Install a Pedestal Sink

Many modern bathrooms feature a counter and counter-top sink, which can be a beautiful renovation choice. However, a pedestal sink is also an aesthetically pleasing choice. This tip is especially useful if you have a smaller bathroom, and/or if you are remodeling a half bath. Pedestal sinks take up less horizontal space while still looking great. Pedestal sinks are available in a variety of materials such as porcelain and iron so you can install one that will match your bathroom’s design and create a look you love. Some sinks are designed with special sink designs or flourishes for added style.


Northern Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

Ricky Can Build It is a bathroom remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia. Our home renovation experts can help you design a gorgeous bathroom that you will love for some time to come. We can transform every element of your bathroom—your floor tile, walk-in shower, sink, lighting, and more. We will create a beautiful and functional space that you and your family will be able to use every day.

Begin your bathroom remodel now, and contact us!

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Gift Yourself New Cabinets for the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of year to show your loved ones how much you care with a thoughtful gift. With all the time we spend finding the perfect gift for others, we often do not remember to do something nice for ourselves during the holidays. If you are a Northern Virginia homeowner considering remodeling your kitchen, a great gift to give yourself this year is new cabinets.

Getting new cabinets is perfect to ensure both their functionality and your kitchen’s overall appearance. Cabinets are available in a variety of materials and finishes, so you can choose cabinets that really complement your style. As a home renovation contractor in Northern Virginia, Ricky Can Build It’s renovation experts know how to help you pick the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Here are our tips for making your cabinet selections this holiday season:


1. Make Selections Based On Your Kitchen’s Style

When picking out your cabinets, keep your kitchen’s layout, design, and style in mind so you can be sure the cabinets you choose will match and give off your desired effect. Cabinets made of lighter woods give off a quaint, country feel. Dark-wood cabinets appear sleeker and are often chosen for modern, contemporary kitchens. Some cabinets feature different carvings in the wood or accents that create a unique look, so make sure you pay attention to these details that will affect your kitchen’s aesthetics. No matter how you want your kitchen to look, keep your kitchen’s design at the forefront of your mind when making selections to ensure a seamless and beautiful end result.


2. Use Your Budget as a Guide

Cabinets can take up a big portion of your kitchen remodel project’s overall cost. Before starting your kitchen remodel and shopping for cabinet materials, design a budget that you will stick to at every step of your project. Make this budget realistic based on your current financial situation, design goals, and any estimates you receive from a contractor. Take a little time to write a list of must-haves for your project and include these in your budget, such as your favorite cabinet material or type of hardware. Make a secondary list of features you would like to have but can let go of if the budget does not allow it. A strict cabinet budget will help keep you on track.


3. Don’t Forget Functionality

A large benefit of cabinets is that they look great and really draw the eye in the kitchen, but remember that your cabinets of choice must be functional, too! When picking your cabinets, choose a style that has enough room to store your non-perishables and dishes. Pick cabinets that are sturdy and designed to last. Form follows function, and whether or not a cabinet can store everything you need should be at the top of your list over how it looks.


Give Your Cabinets a Makeover This Winter!

Treat yourself to a kitchen facelift this holiday season with new cabinets! Ricky Can Build It, a home renovation contractor in Northern Virginia, can help you pick the right cabinets for your kitchen. We can help you choose from a variety of materials, hardware, door styles, and much more that will give you both the beauty and functionality you need. We are dedicated to helping you love your home and going above and beyond to meet your needs.

Start your Northern Virginia kitchen renovation project today! Contact Ricky Can Build it.

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Why You Should Add a Second Story to Your Home

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If you’re a homeowner in Northern Virginia, you know the importance of having a home with everything you need—a gorgeous interior and exterior, close proximity to work, high market value, and enough space. This last feature can be a bit hard to come by in Northern Virginia; the bustling cities and towns in the region come with plenty of smaller lots to accommodate more people. These smaller lots usually mean smaller, one-story homes.

If your home is a little cramped and you do not want to eat up your precious yard space with a horizontal home addition, build a second story! Building up with a second story or Pop Top home addition has a variety of benefits:


More Space

Of course, adding an entire new floor gives your home much more space. Perhaps your family is growing and you want to use the additional floor for more bedrooms and bathrooms. Or, maybe you want to fill your second floor with more shared spaces like an additional living rooms or recreation room. In any case, a second story will give your home more square footage and your family more room to stretch out.


First-Floor Renovation Possibilities

When you add a second story to your home, you will have an entire new level on which to place your furniture and belongings. Depending on how you renovate and furnish the second story, you may end up with some extra space on the first floor. This gives you the freedom to complete a first-floor renovation as well! Knock down a few walls and expand your kitchen into your living room. Transform a spare closet into a half bath for a convenient guest bathroom. Adding more space upstairs gives you a lot of potential to change up the first floor however you see fit.


Stay Where You Are

If your Northern Virginia home is a bit cramped and you need more space, you may have considered moving into a larger home, but dread the upcoming months of searching for a new home, signing up for a new mortgage, packing up your belongings, and unloading in your new home. Moving may be even less ideal if you love your neighborhood, live close to work or your favorite local restaurant, and have already put effort and money into home improvement projects for this house. While you most likely will not be able to live at home during the second floor construction, once the project is complete, you will get to remain close to everything that matters.


Increased Home Equity

Many home improvement or renovation projects can add market value to your home, and second story home additions are no exception! Adding an entire second floor or simply a Pop Top can give your equity a boost and increase your home’s curb appeal. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, increasing equity is always useful for the future.


Call Today for Home Additions in Northern Virginia

Need more space at home? Make a home addition your next renovation project! Ricky Can Build It, a home addition contractor in Northern Virginia, provides home additions! We offer a variety of home addition services, including bumping out, Pop Tops, floor additions, beam installations, and moving load-bearing walls. Our highly trained, in-house renovation experts complete all design and construction, not a sub-contractor, so you can be sure you’ll receive only the highest quality results.

Allow us to give you more space and transform your home. Call our home addition contractors today at (571) 512-5240 to start your home addition in Northern Virginia.

Which Kitchen Layout is Right for Me?

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The kitchen – the place of food, camaraderie, laughter, and comfort. You may label your kitchen as the heart of your home. Because your kitchen plays such a crucial role in your day-to-day life, you want it to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. You want to make it your own with a beautiful and yet functional layout.

If your kitchen is currently not the space you know it can be, you may be planning a kitchen renovation. You know you want to give the entire kitchen a makeover and really refresh the space, but you have a problem: you are unsure about what kitchen layout you should use.

There are several popular kitchen layouts from which to choose, each with their own unique style and benefits. Here is our guide to some of the most common kitchen designs to help guide your renovation:


Galley Kitchen

Typically chosen for smaller kitchen spaces, galley kitchens feature two walls facing one another that hold the kitchen’s countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Placing these features along walls makes the most of your space while giving you enough walking room in the middle of the kitchen. Galley kitchens can be dressed up however you like! Perhaps you prefer quaint and charming with wood cabinets or a farm sink, or sleek and modern with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. This style of kitchen may be ideal for you if you want to balance efficiency and beauty in a limited space.


U-Shape/Horseshoe Kitchen

This type of kitchen tends to work best if you have a bit more square footage to work with. In this kitchen layout, countertops and cabinets wrap around three walls and usually have an open “mouth” to the room that gives you plenty of space for cooking and food preparation. Or, some homeowners add a counter island that breaks up some of the open space but provides extra cooking room.  This design layout is incredibly versatile and perfect if you host a lot of gatherings or often prepare big meals.


 Peninsula Kitchen

Similar to horseshoe designs, peninsula kitchens have counters and appliances on three walls, but incorporate a connected island that takes up some of the open mouth of the horseshoe, giving the kitchen a G shape. The small connected island is great for providing a built-in extra area for dining or cooking without eating up too much of the kitchen’s floor space. The sleek and seamless appearance of the connected island looks great when paired with gorgeous cabinetry and countertops. If you use the island for dining, choose chairs or bar stools that provide an accent color to make the whole room pop or pick seating that complements the rest of the kitchen’s tone.


These are just three out of several ideas for your kitchen’s layout. With kitchen renovations, you have the freedom to create a space you love, and can mix and match elements from a variety of styles for the look and functionality you desire. Whichever kitchen layout you decide on, make sure you choose a kitchen remodeling company who will give you the kitchen of your dreams!


Ricky Can Build It: Kitchen Renovation in Northern Virginia

Ricky Can Build It, a kitchen remodeling company in Northern Virginia, offers kitchen renovation services! Our renovation experts have over a decade of experience creating gorgeous and functional kitchens. As a general contractor, we provide all of our design and construction services in-house so you can be sure you’re receiving the best quality right from the source.

Are you ready to transform your kitchen into a space you love? Call us today at (571) 512-5240 to discuss your project! To learn more about our kitchen renovation services or to see more kitchen designs, click here!