Invest in Your Home: 4 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value by Christmas

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Invest in Your Home: 4 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value by Christmas

Home renovations and remodeling should be on the mind of every homeowner who plans to, one day, sell their home. If you own a home, you can never be done improving the look and feel of your property, as there are always more investments you can make into your home’s value.

However, what if you know that you need to sell your home in the next six months? Even if you don’t have the time to complete a whole home remodeling project before you list your home for sale, there are a number of smaller projects that can have a big short-term impact. Here are a few excellent home remodeling projects that can be completed by the end of the year to raise your property’s value.

Work on your kitchen

Even a minor kitchen remodeling job can yield a return on investment of roughly 82.7%. And if you focus on features that are especially popular right now — think accent walls, hidden cabinets, open layouts, kitchen islands, and breakfast nooks — then you can make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. If you add on to or remodel your kitchen, you’ll increase your home’s value.

Modernize your bathrooms

Like kitchen remodeling jobs, bathroom projects are extremely common. They’re also great at returning a higher ROI; typical bathroom additions offer an average 86.4% ROI. Don’t just leave your home’s bathrooms alone because you think they are “good enough for us.” Because bathrooms see such heavy wear and tear, they can quickly come to appear worn out and dated. Even small changes such as adding contemporary fixtures, new cabinets, adopting more modern color schemes, and adding natural light can make a huge difference.

Improve your front door

Home remodeling jobs don’t have to be these elaborate and expensive projects that bring in extremely high ROIs. Although those projects are great and should be done if feasible, any small project can work wonders as well. Simply embellishing your home’s entrance can give the entire property a newer feel. This enhanced curb appeal will look amazing to you and any future buyers.

Consider lifting your fireplace

Having a fireplace is great for eventually putting your home on the market, but having an improved and lifted fireplace is much better. Like bathrooms, fireplace designs very quickly become dated. Giving that fireplace a modern paint job and a lift, however, is a great way to spice up any living room and increase any home’s resale value. This simple feature can go a long way towards making your home stand out on the housing market.

Whether you’re making minor home additions or want to focus on major remodeling jobs, ROI should be on your mind. That’s why it’s so important to speak with top rated general contractors in Northern VA beforehand to ensure you’re getting the best work possible.


And if you’re ready to improve your Fairfax, VA property and hopefully increase its resale value, contact Ricky Can Build It today. Call (571) 512-5240

Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes When Making Home Renovations

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cabinetsAs a homeowner, you should never be fully content with the look and feel of your property. Though you should never resent your home, you should always be on the lookout for how you can improve it. By doing a few home remodeling projects, you can both add significant value to your property as well as increase your affection for your own home.

There are, however, a few common mistakes that homeowners make that can end up negatively affecting how you see your property, its resale value, and even your quality of life. When making home renovations this summer, make sure you avoid these costly mistakes at all costs.

Starting too many projects at once
The easiest way to further stress yourself out is to start another home remodeling project while you’re currently in the middle of another one. For example, imagine planning a major bathroom remodeling project, which is the most requested remodeling job in the U.S., accounting for 78% of all projects. You got all the necessary equipment, mapped out your renovation plans for weeks, and are finally ready to get to work. But then you feel the need to replace all the cabinets in your home. Not only will you end up spending a lot more than you wanted to on material needed for the cabinets, you will have a mess inside your home that will cause even more stress. Add on another project on top of that and you’ll begin to feel overwhelmed.

As a result, you might never complete your remodeling project. When you start a renovation task, finish it, no matter what.

Faulty budgeting for your remodeling project
Another severe mistake homeowners make that results in remodeling disasters is failing to accurately plan your remodeling budget. You should determine exactly how much money you have to spend and set a realistic remodeling budget for each specific project. Unfortunately, too many home additions and remodeling projects are derailed by an overly optimistic budget. Make sure that wishful thinking isn’t clouding your judgement, and set aside some funds for problems that arise.

If you really want to avoid any mistakes, work with general contractors who can help you make these important decisions.

Attempting to do everything by yourself
Although you can probably do a few projects around your home if you’re handy enough, you should leave the major tasks to the pros. You might end up doing a bad job (resulting in costly repairs) if you attempt to do difficult projects by yourself. Plus, unless you have construction experience, you probably have no idea how to secure the necessary permits. So avoid a remodeling nightmare and seek out professional help as early in the process as possible.

As long as you’re careful during your planning process, your summer renovation plans should be a great success.

If you need any help at all with renovations or home additions, whether it’s a major bathroom remodeling project or a smaller job like improving your cabinets, Ricky Can Build It is here for you.

Great Home Remodeling and Addition Projects to Increase Property Value

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bathroomIf you’re a homeowner, you should never stop improving your property. Even if you are in love with your home, which every homeowner should be, you should always be looking, and brainstorming, for new ways to improve your home.

Not only will making these improvements to your home give you a better place to live, but they will also increase your property’s resale value should you ever decide to sell in the future.

Here are a few great ideas for home remodeling or addition projects that will increase your property value in the long run.

Kitchen remodeling

Don’t just take on any of these difficult home remodeling or addition projects by yourself, especially the kitchen jobs. Since these projects can be quite laborious, it’s best to take advantage of professional services to really achieve a great looking home. According to a 2016 HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study, roughly 87% of all homeowners enlisted the help of professional kitchen remodelers during their kitchen renovation project.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling jobs are extremely popular and can result in extremely high return on investments (ROI). The National Association of Home Builders survey reports that bathroom remodeling jobs are actually the number one most requested project in the U.S., accounting for wholly 78% of all renovation jobs.

Adding a new room

There is a common misconception within the homeowner community that once a family begins to grow, that means it’s time to move to a new place and get a bigger home. Although that’s a great option for some people, it doesn’t have to be the only one. If you’re a big fan of your current home and would love to stay put, consider adding on a new room or two to your home to accommodate for the new additions to your family.

If you want to learn more about how these home renovations and addition projects can help increase your property value, contact Ricky Can Build It toady!

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Dos and Don’ts of Home Additions

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As families grow and needs change, a home can begin to feel cramped and inadequate. One of the best solutions to this problem is to expand or add to your existing living space. This is often more cost-effective than moving to a new home. The simple addition or expansion of a room can increase your living space and add to your home’s resale value. However, not all renovations are effective. It’s important to consider the following dos and don’ts when evaluating if a home addition would be right for you.


Increase the size of your kitchen

Kitchen improvements are a key selling point for every home. When making renovations, you will need to consider your needs as well as the needs of potential buyers. If you plan to sell shortly after renovating, you should create a kitchen space that is both functional and neutral. Keep in mind that chef’s kitchens, stone countertops and upgraded appliances are extremely popular.

Add additional bathrooms

The addition of one or more bathrooms can add significant value to your home. Before renovating, it’s important to consult with a professional to ensure that the location of your bathroom makes sense with your home’s layout.


Overbuild for the size of your lot

Adding to your home can significantly increase its value. However, it can have an opposite effect if your addition sacrifices the size of your lot. While it might seem like a good idea to build to the edge of your property lines, doing so eliminates outdoor spaces that can be used for landscaping, entertaining or children’s play areas. Overbuilding can also upset your neighbors, homeowner’s association and city. Before making any renovations it’s important to obtain the proper permits.


We can offer all the specialization you want – however, you should carefully consider the effects of customization on your home’s resale value. While you might adore lime green colored floor tiles, your home’s future owner might not feel the same way. If you plan to sell your home at any point, you will need to consider the wants and needs of potential buyers. It’s a good idea to stick to timeless and tasteful flooring, tiling and appliances.

Ricky Can Build It provides superior remodeling services for residents throughout Northern Virginia. Our experienced renovators can help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Please contact us for details.

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Fairfax Home Renovation Experts

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Whether you want to modernize an old-fashioned kitchen or add a second floor to for your growing family, we have you covered. We approach home remodeling and renovation with the mindset that in-house expertise is best. We take care of building permits, architectural plans, plumbing, and more to offer you the least stressful process possible.

For a decade, Ricky Can Build It has been dedicated to providing a wide array of home renovation and remodeling services for homeowners in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia.

Here’s a quick introduction to the services that we offer. Turn your house into a home with our personalized, expert home remodeling services.

Large Renovations

We can work from existing plans or create a custom design. Building, plumbing, gas-fitting, and electrical services are taken care of in-house. That means we can pass on the savings to our clients – no subcontractors involved!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are used for much more than cooking and eating. Modern day families hang out, entertain, or even work from home in their kitchen. Add value to your home and provide your family with years of enjoyment by upgrading the cabinets in your home.

A custom kitchen not only increases the value of your home, it is a great place to gather the family and entertain guests.Whether you need more cabinet space, a double oven or advanced appliances we can help design the kitchen of your dreams. A few of the many kitchen styles we offer include: classic, craftsman, farmhouse, rustic, contemporary, and more.

Bathroom Remodeling

On average, a bathroom remodel provides a 75% ROI. Our comprehensive bathroom remodeling expertise includes tile, lighting, shower, fixture, and whirlpool tub installation. We can upgrade your sinks, countertops, mirrors, accessory hardware (such as towel rings, hand towel bars, heated floors), window treatments, cabinets, and more elements. No matter what style of bathroom you are looking to create, we can help you out.


Our precision craftsmen ensure your custom cabinets are finished and installed flawlessly. We offer a wide variety of cabinet styles so that your kitchen and bathroom can look exactly how you desire. Whether you want crema maple glazed, mahogany, java coffee cabinets, or more, we can provide you with quality cabinets to enhance your home.


For a decade, we have been passionate about helping clients turn houses into homes. For some clients, that means a simple kitchen or bathroom remodel. For others, it may mean adding a new room or even another floor. Our in-house architectural expertise helps ensure that your home addition will be beautiful, safe, and hassle-free.

If you are interested in our home renovation and remodeling services, you can contact us.