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December 2017

Clever and Unique Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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With everything you use your bathroom for every day—such as grooming, bathing, and self-care—you may not picture it as a space that should be both beautiful and functional. Of course, it is most important for your bathroom to be able to stand up to your daily needs. Furthermore, it should also look great to ensure you enjoy spending a lot of time in the space.

If your bathroom is not quite as aesthetically pleasing as you would like, consider Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling. Below are our unique bathroom remodeling tips:


Use Built-In Storage

During your bathroom remodeling project, install built-in storage such as a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to maximize storage space. If you have a countertop sink, make sure the counter has cabinets for under-the-sink storage. This will give you a space to store toiletries and cleaning supplies and keep your countertops clean. Keeping your bathroom clean is a simple way to ensure you still love your bathroom for a long time to come. When you install your shower and shower tile, include shelves to hold shampoo and other bathing necessities. You can also include a small bench in your shower that can serve as both storage and seating.


Paint an Accent Wall

One very simple way to improve your bathroom’s appearance is to paint one or two walls a different shade for an accent. But what color do you choose for your wall? Certain shades of paint can create different effects. Cool colors such as blue and light green help make a space look bigger. Warm colors like red and orange make a room feel smaller and more intimate. A unique texture or pattern wall can also serve as a vibrant accent in your bathroom. During your next bathroom remodeling project, try painting one wall with a different color to make it stand out and create a one-of-a-kind look. You can also create an accent in your shower by giving one shower wall bright and colorful tile.


Install a Pedestal Sink

Many modern bathrooms feature a counter and counter-top sink, which can be a beautiful renovation choice. However, a pedestal sink is also an aesthetically pleasing choice. This tip is especially useful if you have a smaller bathroom, and/or if you are remodeling a half bath. Pedestal sinks take up less horizontal space while still looking great. Pedestal sinks are available in a variety of materials such as porcelain and iron so you can install one that will match your bathroom’s design and create a look you love. Some sinks are designed with special sink designs or flourishes for added style.


Northern Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

Ricky Can Build It is a bathroom remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia. Our home renovation experts can help you design a gorgeous bathroom that you will love for some time to come. We can transform every element of your bathroom—your floor tile, walk-in shower, sink, lighting, and more. We will create a beautiful and functional space that you and your family will be able to use every day.

Begin your bathroom remodel now, and contact us!

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Gift Yourself New Cabinets for the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of year to show your loved ones how much you care with a thoughtful gift. With all the time we spend finding the perfect gift for others, we often do not remember to do something nice for ourselves during the holidays. If you are a Northern Virginia homeowner considering remodeling your kitchen, a great gift to give yourself this year is new cabinets.

Getting new cabinets is perfect to ensure both their functionality and your kitchen’s overall appearance. Cabinets are available in a variety of materials and finishes, so you can choose cabinets that really complement your style. As a home renovation contractor in Northern Virginia, Ricky Can Build It’s renovation experts know how to help you pick the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Here are our tips for making your cabinet selections this holiday season:


1. Make Selections Based On Your Kitchen’s Style

When picking out your cabinets, keep your kitchen’s layout, design, and style in mind so you can be sure the cabinets you choose will match and give off your desired effect. Cabinets made of lighter woods give off a quaint, country feel. Dark-wood cabinets appear sleeker and are often chosen for modern, contemporary kitchens. Some cabinets feature different carvings in the wood or accents that create a unique look, so make sure you pay attention to these details that will affect your kitchen’s aesthetics. No matter how you want your kitchen to look, keep your kitchen’s design at the forefront of your mind when making selections to ensure a seamless and beautiful end result.


2. Use Your Budget as a Guide

Cabinets can take up a big portion of your kitchen remodel project’s overall cost. Before starting your kitchen remodel and shopping for cabinet materials, design a budget that you will stick to at every step of your project. Make this budget realistic based on your current financial situation, design goals, and any estimates you receive from a contractor. Take a little time to write a list of must-haves for your project and include these in your budget, such as your favorite cabinet material or type of hardware. Make a secondary list of features you would like to have but can let go of if the budget does not allow it. A strict cabinet budget will help keep you on track.


3. Don’t Forget Functionality

A large benefit of cabinets is that they look great and really draw the eye in the kitchen, but remember that your cabinets of choice must be functional, too! When picking your cabinets, choose a style that has enough room to store your non-perishables and dishes. Pick cabinets that are sturdy and designed to last. Form follows function, and whether or not a cabinet can store everything you need should be at the top of your list over how it looks.


Give Your Cabinets a Makeover This Winter!

Treat yourself to a kitchen facelift this holiday season with new cabinets! Ricky Can Build It, a home renovation contractor in Northern Virginia, can help you pick the right cabinets for your kitchen. We can help you choose from a variety of materials, hardware, door styles, and much more that will give you both the beauty and functionality you need. We are dedicated to helping you love your home and going above and beyond to meet your needs.

Start your Northern Virginia kitchen renovation project today! Contact Ricky Can Build it.