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Why You Should Add a Second Story to Your Home

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If you’re a homeowner in Northern Virginia, you know the importance of having a home with everything you need—a gorgeous interior and exterior, close proximity to work, high market value, and enough space. This last feature can be a bit hard to come by in Northern Virginia; the bustling cities and towns in the region come with plenty of smaller lots to accommodate more people. These smaller lots usually mean smaller, one-story homes.

If your home is a little cramped and you do not want to eat up your precious yard space with a horizontal home addition, build a second story! Building up with a second story or Pop Top home addition has a variety of benefits:


More Space

Of course, adding an entire new floor gives your home much more space. Perhaps your family is growing and you want to use the additional floor for more bedrooms and bathrooms. Or, maybe you want to fill your second floor with more shared spaces like an additional living rooms or recreation room. In any case, a second story will give your home more square footage and your family more room to stretch out.


First-Floor Renovation Possibilities

When you add a second story to your home, you will have an entire new level on which to place your furniture and belongings. Depending on how you renovate and furnish the second story, you may end up with some extra space on the first floor. This gives you the freedom to complete a first-floor renovation as well! Knock down a few walls and expand your kitchen into your living room. Transform a spare closet into a half bath for a convenient guest bathroom. Adding more space upstairs gives you a lot of potential to change up the first floor however you see fit.


Stay Where You Are

If your Northern Virginia home is a bit cramped and you need more space, you may have considered moving into a larger home, but dread the upcoming months of searching for a new home, signing up for a new mortgage, packing up your belongings, and unloading in your new home. Moving may be even less ideal if you love your neighborhood, live close to work or your favorite local restaurant, and have already put effort and money into home improvement projects for this house. While you most likely will not be able to live at home during the second floor construction, once the project is complete, you will get to remain close to everything that matters.


Increased Home Equity

Many home improvement or renovation projects can add market value to your home, and second story home additions are no exception! Adding an entire second floor or simply a Pop Top can give your equity a boost and increase your home’s curb appeal. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, increasing equity is always useful for the future.


Call Today for Home Additions in Northern Virginia

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